San Juan County Appraisal is located in Friday Harbor, WA.

Welcome to San Juan County Appraisal

Welcome to San Juan County Appraisal, your premier destination for residential real estate appraisals in the heart of San Juan County.              Anthony Blackburn is a Washington State, Certified Residential Appraiser. He brings over 38 years of expertise to every valuation, ensuring accuracy, integrity, and a deep understanding of local market dynamics. Whether you're a homeowner, Realtor, Lender, CPA, or Attorney, he can provide you with reliable and comprehensive property valuations.

With over 38 years of experience, Anthony Blackburn offers unparalleled appraisal services tailored to your unique needs in San Juan County and the surrounding mainland areas.

Our Services

San Juan County Appraisal offers a comprehensive suite of residential real estate appraisal services, to meet a variety of needs.


Our services include, but are not limited to:

pngtree-green-check-mark-icon-flat-style-png-image_3389244-removebg-preview (1)Estate Appraisals

pngtree-green-check-mark-icon-flat-style-png-image_3389244-removebg-preview (1)Date of Death Appraisals

pngtree-green-check-mark-icon-flat-style-png-image_3389244-removebg-preview (1)Bankruptcy Appraisals

pngtree-green-check-mark-icon-flat-style-png-image_3389244-removebg-preview (1)Divorce Appraisals

pngtree-green-check-mark-icon-flat-style-png-image_3389244-removebg-preview (1)New Construction Feasibility

pngtree-green-check-mark-icon-flat-style-png-image_3389244-removebg-preview (1)Tax Assessment Appeals

pngtree-green-check-mark-icon-flat-style-png-image_3389244-removebg-preview (1)Consulting

pngtree-green-check-mark-icon-flat-style-png-image_3389244-removebg-preview (1)Floorplans and Measuring Square Footage

pngtree-green-check-mark-icon-flat-style-png-image_3389244-removebg-preview (1)Analysis of Appraisals Completed by Others

pngtree-green-check-mark-icon-flat-style-png-image_3389244-removebg-preview (1)Cash Purchase Appraisals

pngtree-green-check-mark-icon-flat-style-png-image_3389244-removebg-preview (1)Mortgage Lending Appraisals

pngtree-green-check-mark-icon-flat-style-png-image_3389244-removebg-preview (1)Speaking Engagements

Educationpngtree-green-check-mark-icon-flat-style-png-image_3389244-removebg-preview (1)

We specialize in appraising a diverse array of residential property types, ensuring that no matter your specific need, you have access to accurate and reliable valuations.

3 Reasons to use San Juan County Appraisal


Leveraging decades of experience and certification to provide you with reliable property valuations.

Integrity and Ethical Practices

Committed to the highest standards, ensuring your appraisal process is transparent and trustworthy.

Local Market Expertise

Deep knowledge of real estate dynamics to offer insights beyond the numbers.